The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room

                                                                  6 Cross Street, Dundas, Ontario                                                                           905 627 5880



Come and visit our wonderful world of aprons, apple corers, aspic molds, bakeware, baking cups, bowls, bean slicers, casseroles, cookie cutters,

 canape cutters, candies, chocolate dippers, cake pans, coffee pots, canisters, diet scales, dessert dishes, demitasse, egg cups, egg beaters, slicers, fondue forks, fuel, jugs, garlic presses, graters, ice cream makers, ice tongs, jars, juicers, kitchen cutters, knives, lemon zesters, lifters, lobster crackers, nutmeg graters, orange scrubbers, oyster knives, openers, parchment paper, pepper mills, pastry sets, paring knives, quiche plates, rolling pins, ramekins, sterno, steak knives,

spinners, sea salt, tablecloths, tomato slicers, tongs, utensils, vases, veggie scrubbers, picnic backpacks, whiteware, whisks, wreaths, yolk separators, zucchini corers, and zesters!